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Over 30+ years

of experience in appraisal and sales specializing in construction, manufacturing and transportation.


Utilizing experience + connections to build business platforms.

We provide credible, prompt, cost effective solutions in specific areas of expertise. Through our network of contacts in various associations, we endeavour to provide the right path to help resolve the issues of concern where needed.

Installation Power Buggy Rental

Equipment Appraisal & Sales


Appraisal services for Commercial Landlords under the “Ontario Commercial Landlord and Tenancies Act 1990” to address tenant delinquency, the appraisal of assets in the cases of the landlord taking a distress action and seizing the assets for rent arrears.


Appraisal of construction, transportation, manufacturing, mining or other equipment for the owner of such assets to use for their insurance company or to get an opinion of value for their bank, or to perhaps sell as the company wants to replace with newer equipment. In cases where the company is wanting to sell any of the above equipment, we can assist in locating a buyer or arranging the equipment to be sold through public auction.

In addition to the above through our associate company, Execucor Financial, we may be able to obtain lease financing for a purchaser of the equipment.

John Turnbull has been a member of Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group  in good standing for 24 years
having appraised restaurants, manufacturing facilities, machinery plus other assets for Financial Intuitions, Law Firms and Commercial Landlords.

The Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPAG)

Equipment Auctions


Through our associate companies we work with several auction companies specializing in online and in person auctions. These companies are located in Sudbury, Orillia, Toronto, London and Edmonton Alberta. Auctions provide “Fair Market Value”. With the ability to apply a reserve bid you are not risking under bidding for your equipment.

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Financial Services


Our affiliate company, Execucor Financial is 40-year-old financing broker with many resources to current lending rates and resources to assist large corporations to smaller Sole Proprietors needing financial assistance to obtain new or used equipment to grow their company.


As an agent for Execucor Financial, Turnbull Associates will meet with clients to examine the best financial proposal to get the best rate and term to meet the clients long term business plan.


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